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Work With Me


There are different ways we can connect and work together:

I am an engaging and professional speaker who covers various topics within marketing, digital and social media, and the art of storytelling for various private and public companies and different types of events, speaking to anything from 5 people up to 2-3000 people. If you would like to book me to speak at an event, send an email with short and simple details about the event, audience, number of attendees and topic you would like me to cover.

I can coach members of a marketing team or PR/information department on how to become natives within online communication and dialog management. If you would like to improve your own or your company's understanding and handling of the new ways of engaging with your clients, then lets get in touch and have a meeting.  

I've been in the advertising industry for more than 2 decades - working with visual and strategic solutions for a numerous amount of clients both in the nordic region but also for large global brands. Yes - digital and social media is the buzz still, but in my point of view it's just one more media to engage with your clients and create attention. It's still all about what story you tell, and how good you are in telling your story. Sometimes the new medias are the perfect way to boost your product or your companies, and other times the more classical channels are the ones that will work best in addressing the challenge at hand - and most of the time it is about how well the strategy is, the angle you choose, the storytelling and then finding the best platform or media to spread. Digital and social media is here to stay, and has opened up a whole new way of engaging with your customer, listening to them and answer them in an authentic way with transparency and genuine communication. Everyone is connected, everyone has a voice and everyone wants and needs to be taken seriously. So let's talk, and find the right way for your organisation to communicate and use all media channels available, the right way, based on a holistic approach that is the best fit to build and strengthen your brand.  

My mission is and will always be to simplify the complexity of marketing. Let me help you reach your goals and visions for your brand. Contact me here